Following info by David ZS8Z was posted on today. It is slightly edited here for clarity. Furthermore, if “ham-spirit” is really alive and well, perhaps some souls could help David?

ZS8Z (2)“Update on the QSL cards. I’m sorry to report that for now, the sending of QSL cards has come to a hold due to financial reasons.

I had to throw away hundreds of IRC’s because they expired by the time I received them. This means the extra $ sent by some ops were then used to pay for the return of cards up to now.

The paypal account is not in my name and the owner is having problems with the bank, thus I have not received any money. Converting $ into Rands is also very expensive and costs a lot of commission. I used the money I earned on Marion island to pay my debts, and thus I do not have any money of my own to use for sending out future cards.

I am now selling my radios to get postage money to send out cards. I have not yet found employment – thus have no money coming in. As soon as I get the money from my radio sales, I will send out the remaining cards.

ZS1LS, Allan, has taken up the LOTW confirmations, so please contact him regarding any questions. ZS8(Z) have been a problem child from day one, and looking back I never should have come on the air. It has spoiled radio for me for a very long time.”