UPDATE: Will this saga ever end?
We have recently heard that John Chalkiarakis, VK3YP (Treasurer of the Hellenic Amateur Radio Association of Australia (HARAOA) and co-leader of the ZL9HR dxpedition) has been contacting organizations who have published articles by individual ZL9HR team members or dx conventions who may host presentations by individual ZL9HR team members, to make claims regarding copyright of materials which we have prepared. He has asserted that “All ZL9HR photos are copyright by Hellenic Amateur Radio Association of Australia” and that he has to “provide permission” for their use on the internet or in presentations.

These claims are utterly false. The copyright of the photographs lies entirely with the creators of those works. None of the non-HARAOA ZL9HR team members ever made any agreement with HARAOA or anyone else (written or verbal) which in any way suggested that we assigned or transferred our copyright. HARAOA has no rights related to photographs which we have taken and are using on our websites, in documents which we may provide to other websites, or in presentations to DX clubs or conventions. The efforts by VK3YP to claim ownership and to have presentations stopped or web postings removed are simply an attempt at harassment, due to an ongoing dispute related to financing of the ZL9HR dxpedition, details of which are available here.

[Dave Lloyd, K3EL, on behalf of all eight non-HARAOA ZL9HR team members].