Posted on eHam, John 9M6XRO, team member of ZL9HR, informs the DX community and sponsors of the latest developments. We re-publish here.

For those who followed the “ZL9HR Money” thread or donated to the ZL9HR DXpedition, it might interest you that HARAOA have finally posted a Financial Summary on their website written by Treasurer VK3YP. It is a complete “Work of Fiction” and astonishingly claims a HARAOA deficit of $2000. Such accounting is an insult to the intelligence of the Sponsors, Donors and the DX Community at large.

Once again there is no mention of the boat hire costing NZ$81,075 or the US$8700 paid by each of the eight international non-HARAOA operators. It is as if we took a magic carpet to Campbell. These payments by us left precious little for HARAOA to actually pay! They had taken in US25,000 in sponsorship/donations BEFORE we left NZ for Campbell Island. Where has that money gone? Not to mention donations and QSL income received after the DXpedition!

We all know why the $1000 “donation” to NCDXF was made – it was a panic decision by VK2IR and VK3YP to take the heat off HARAOA at that moment. Up to that point in time HARAOA had NEVER made a donation to any DXpedition or Foundation. Fact. So why the sudden generosity?

I have sighted an email in which VK2IR says the boat hire had nothing to do with HARAOA. (In the same email he showed his contempt for the international operators by describing us as CB’ers and Gold Diggers), however, I have now a copy of the invoice from Fueleco New Zealand who arranged the charter of the “Evohe” for NZ$81,750 – it is addressed to the Hellenic Amateur Radio Association of Australia Inc (NSW Inc No 9890923) dated July 10th, 2012.

I know I will be asked to let this go, it’s old news, but I do not intend to go quietly and let HARAOA keep their ill-gotten gains whether in cash or equipment purchased from your donations. It has become their “modus operandi” and follows on from VK9NI and VK9HR where the same tactics were employed on a smaller scale – and let’s not forget DX0DX and the HARAOA connection.

To lighten the mood, have a look at this recent youtube offering from VK2IR – I feel it should be sub-titled “The Two Man DXpedition”

Pretty self-serving for a pair who made about 3% of the Q’s from ZL9HR and as non-CW ops were the main reason the SSB tally was so much lower than CW.

In conclusion I just hope the next time HARAOA looks for sponsorship and tries to find experienced ops the ZL9HR scam will not be forgotten. I will do all I can to keep it front and center until there is a creditable financial statement from the Treasurer. Cold days in hell come to mind….

73 – John – 9M6XRO
(Fresh from the recent 9M4SLL Spratly DXpedition where everything was settled amicably and in true “ham spirit”).