FEBRUARY 16, 2020

On the 14th February 2020, an anonymous and vexatious email and letter using “zk3a2019@gmail.com” e-mail address were sent to many DXpedition Sponsors, supporters and donors. This contents in the email are not an official ZK3A release and have no official relationship to the ZK3A DXpedition.

It was falsely signed in the name of the entire ZK3A Team. Although sent to many well-known radio amateur organizations and individuals, the email contained misinformation and untruths, especially in respect of unfounded and unsubstantiated allegations towards some of our team members.

The report published below, and the explanations given should instil confidence within the Amateur Radio community concerning the successful ZK3A DXpedition team results.

During ZK3A DXpedition, our team made 56200 QSO’s, CW, SSB, RTTY, FT8, FM EME-6M and SSTV. Before the 1st January 2020, we sent more than 2500 Direct QSL cards requested via OQRS (Club Log) in addition we also sent about 500 QSL cards to all donors and sponsors, we also sent QSL cards via SRS QSL bureau about 2000 QSL cards for the bureau. All individual donors QSO’s have been uploaded to LoTW. Now we are ready to send an additional 600 QSL cards, they will be sent in the next two (2) weeks. Our QSL manager will upload the full ZK3A log to LoTW on the 10th April 2020.

Our ZK3A DXpedition account is safe and secure with diligent account keeping practices, also adding the initial expenses were high and many of the team members prepaid much of those costs. The DXpedition Supporters funding and sponsorship helped immensely to offset individuals initial DXpedition costs and currently there is a surplus in the account but only because some team members initial expenses may not have been factored in.

During our farewell meeting in Apia Samoa, on the 12th October 2019, the ZK3A team discussed what to do with any surplus funds (if any) after all expenses taken into consideration. The majority decided to evenly distribute any surplus funds amongst the whole ZK3A team to offset their initial financial investment towards the budgeted DXpedition costs. Typical of all modern DXpeditions nowadays.

In closing the DXpedition funds are held securely in Australia, it was also decided that team distributions would be made after the Australian Financial Tax year which ends on the 30th June 2020, to mitigate any potential taxation implications.

Sincerely, Hrane, YT1AD Team Leader & ZK3A Team.



A person on the island is ill. So they have sent the boat there early to get this person medical help. The team has ceased operations, packed up all equipment and get on the boat because there will not be another one for ten days.

OCTOBER 8, 2019 – The team is happy to announce that after 7 days on the island we have around 50,000 QSOs! We have worked on CW, SSB, RTTY, FT8, 6m EME & made 10+ contacts on SSTV. We have lost 3 amplifiers but still continue seriously on all bands with 3 amplifiers and 6 radios.

We will be on the air until Friday the 11th of October, GMT 01:00 (Local time 14.00).

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who worked ZK3A and a very big thank you to all foundations, Clubs & Donors for supporting our DXpedition.

73, YT1AD, Hrane ZK3A Team Leader.

Hrane YT3AD

OCTOBER 6, 2019 – The team is working extremely hard to contact as many operators as possible. They have been dealing with very hot & humid conditions and strong gale force winds + severe thunderstorms. Photos credit ZK3A team.

OCTOBER 4, 2019 – The team is working hard to work as many of you as possible, most of the time there’s 8 active op’s on various bands and modes CW, SSB, FT8, RTTY & 6m EME including the 60m band.

We originally were going to utilize the Club Log Live Stream logging but due to the very expensive cost of the internet on the island, we decided not to use this feature. Logs are uploaded to Club Log once per day!

We have received some feedback on our Facebook page and by email, in relation to missing Q’s in the log – my suggestion is to work us again to be sure.

Once we have gone QRT we will put up on our website a “Log Check Request Form” so our QSL manager can check for BUSTED CALLS or CALLSIGN NOT IN THE LOG requests.

The ZK3A team would like to thank so many of you for your donations and support we have received so far.

See you all on the air!

73, Hrane ZK3A Team Leader

SEPTEMBER 28, 2019 — The advance team has completed the 40m 4 square on the beach, now for the 80m 4 square to be completed soon.

SEPTEMBER 26 @ 0300Z – The advance team have been active on 20m only so far.
They currently have limited time on air during daylight hours as they are still setting up antennas.

Op: N7QT

SEPTEMBER 25 @ 06:00z – The advance team has now arrived on Tokelau. QRV soon.

credit KO8SCA

credit KO8SCA

SEPTEMBER 23/24 – This morning the container was loaded onto the supply ship “Mataliki”. The (advanced) team have departed bound for Tokelau.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2019 — The advanced team has arrived in Apia, Samoa. They have rented a car and are headed to the hotel. Today (Sunday) there will be a meeting with telecom representatives to discuss details about the boat trip to Tokelau on Tuesday. Tomorrow (Monday) will be a busy day with the Tokelau customs paperwork and loading the boat with equipment and supplies.

(L to R) Adrian KO8SCA, Robert N7QT & Dusko ZL3WW

AUGUST 29, 2019 — The ZK3A team will be on all three of the islands in Tokelau; Fakaofo, Nukunonu & Atafu.

The Amateur Radio Club in Tokelau will have callsigns for each of these islands: ZK3RF, ZK3RN & ZK3RA. Each club station utilizes electricity from the islands’ solar panels.

The ZK3A team will be donating to all three islands the following: TS-590S, Dipole for 40m & 20m, A3S and a 800w Linear Amplifier. In addition the team have shipped 3 x 6 KVA generators to be used during their activation. At the end of their time on the island, they will be donating the generators to each of the Tokelau Islands. [LINK]

JULY 9, 2019 — Planning is on schedule for the ZK3A DXpedition to Tokelau Island IOTA OC-048.

The DXpedition runs from October 1st – 11th 2019. Tokelau Island ranks #40 most wanted in the world, and #26 most wanted in Europe according to Club Log.

We are excited to have an advanced set-up team who will build a 160M four square from an existing 40M high tower. Fundraising continues as we are currently seeking donations from DX Clubs and Foundations. More donor logos and names are being added to our website. Individual DXer support is also very important. $25 or more will receive free OQRS and LoTW upload upon DXpedition completion. All donations are welcome and we appreciate the support we are receiving from the DX community.

Thank You, Team ZK3A