[NEWS UPDATE] – Pictures of the EME activity at ZC4RH. 

[QRV] Dave G4WXJ, Chris PA2CHR & Jos PA3FYC will be active as ZC4RH from SBA Cyprus during 10 – 19 November 2022. QSL via DK6SP. 

[JUNE 14] – QSLs now available via Philipp DK6SP (until now only June 2022 trip). Both Dave & Philipp are working to digitalize old paper logs and bring them online on Club Log and LoTW as well. Though, this process will take time. See more here about QSLing. 

Credit: DK6SP

JUNE 12 – Dave ZC4RH had big success with his newly installed 6m antenna today. He was able to work all over Europe while the screen never changed its color from red. Sorry to all who did not make it into his log yet.

70 MHz was not really open today and he hopes that conditions will improve soon. Further, ZC4RH could be worked on QO100 satellite today. He will be QRV there in the next days again as well.

Due to the very high demand on 70 and 50 MHz he will be continuing his operation on VHF for another few days. Thus, expect more activity from him on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

Keep in mind that for this activity both 4m and 6m are run just on dipoles using around 50 Watts each band. During evenings he will be QRV mainly in FT8/CW on shortwave.

DK6SP assisting ZC4RH with antenna setup and equipment, and who provides the news updates.

JUNE 11 – Dave ZC4RH started being active on 4m today with some good openings towards Europe from UK SBA on Cyprus (KM64VX). The 4m equipment was generously lent by 5B4AIE and delivered to the QTH by DK6SP.

Dave plans to be QRV on 4m and 6m again tomorrow, Sunday – 12th June 2022, in CW/SSB/FT8 conditions permitting. Equipment is a horizontal dipole each band about 10m over ground and about 50 Watts.

He will stay on the island until Thursday, 16th June, operating HF bands. (Thanks to DK6SP for this update). 


ZC4RH 4m antenna

MAY 30 – Dave, G4WXJ will again be active from the UK Sovereign Base Areas of Cyprus as ZC4RH during June 5-15, 2022. QRV on 40-10m; CW, SSB, FT8 (QO-100). QSL via LoTW, buro/direct. Side trip as 5B/G4WXJ also planned.