A team of ops from the new Kosovar Amateur Radio Society (SHRAK) will be heading to Albania together with their guests to activate ZA1KS (KS stands for Kosovo) on several bands between September 17-21, 2015.

This DX outing is led by SHRAK President, Vjollca, Z61VB (YL) together with Hidajete, Z63HBF (YL); Agim, Z61AS; Driton, Z61DX and Fehmi, Z62FB who will be accompanied by Marijan, S56A; Pekka, OH2YY and Martti, OH2BH. They will fire up with two K3s & SPE Expert amps from the coastal city of Durres, one of the region’s attractive tourist destinations.

These ops aired Z60A and three other Z6 stations in last weekend’s WAEDC Contest. You are invited to say hello to this goodwill delegation on-the-air.

QSL via Fehmi, Z62FB to his QRZ.com address.