NEWS UPDATE – Recently uploaded to You Tube, here’s a video showing the story of 7Q5RU & Z21RU. Combined they made over 100K QSOs from these two African countries. 

JUNE 25 – Team leader R7AL mentions they have now made over 40K QSOs. Unfortunately, propagation on 80-40-30m has been very bad according to Vasily and they are also trying their best to work NA during the most common hours when bands are open to there, but it’s not been easy. QRV for 4 for more days.

Night scene at Z21RU


R9LR working SATs

JUNE 21 – Team continue activity. It’s quite cool in Harare (generally 5-10C). Still they have issues with power often switching off. They use a 5Kw generator when that happens. So far they have made no QSOs on 160 or 6m – they hope to raise the 6m antenna much higher tomorrow (June 22). They say propagation is very good to Europe, but not so with NA. SSB activities probably start tomorrow along with QO-100. More pictures below courtesy RA1ZZ.



Z21RU stations


Antenna fixing

JUNE 19 – Vasily, R7AL reports the team still experience power blackouts, and often. Sometimes both the CW & SSB stations QRT because of this. Log updated – check here

JUNE 19 – Here’s couple more pictures sent this time by team leader Vasily, R7AL. He also mentions they are experiencing problems with electricity / power cuts. The Z21RU log is here

RA1ZZ nearest and R9LR


Antenna farm

JUNE 17 – Z21RU is now QRV. Team member Vasily RA1ZZ sends us these pictures, exclusively for DX-World. He also says “first antennas are up”. 

JUNE 16 – Earlier today the team arrived Harare. They had some issues with airport customs on arrival but everything was resolved. 

JUNE 15 – With overweight luggage (more than 40kg), here’s the Z21RU team [R7AL, RA1ZZ, RW9JZ & R9LR] at Moscow airport prior to their flight(s) to Harare.

JUNE 13 – On Wednesday this week, the Z21RU team depart Moscow arriving Harare, Zimbabwe next day. Plans to QRV on the 17th.

JUNE 4 – The Russian DXpedition Team continues their African trips and now moves to Zimbabwe. The plan is to stay there for 14 days (between June 17-29, 2022) and be QRV as Z21RU with 5 radios on all HF bands + 50 MHz and via SAT QO-100.

Check out their website for details.

A reminder that the Russian DXpedition Team will also be active from Benin as TY0RU in October.