NEWS UPDATE by Pilot Station, W4DTA

First on behalf of the YX0V group I want to say thank you for being a donor to this operation. I wanted to email you so that you are in the loop of what is happening, where we are and what is next.

I am sure you all have seen the bogus spots, and rumors going around the internet; please believe me they are just rumors! – The YX0V operation was initiated by the Navy when they invited our team to be the leads of the operation, so first and foremost we are a guest of the Venezuelan Navy.

Due to multiple issues outside of our control (Weather, Politics, Protests) the Navy asked to delay and I repeat Delay the departure.

At this moment, all Military personnel including the Navy are now posted on the Island of Margarita for the Non-Aligned Summit. This has about 14,000 troops of the military fully deployed to the region. (

We are expected to meet with the Navy personnel in charge of the logistics of the transportation to the Island by the middle of next week at the latest, and we hope to have a clear schedule for departure.

The team is ready to go; they have worked hard to put together all the equipment, antennas, computers, cables, etc.

One of the biggest difficulties also has been securing food, and personal items to take to Aves. Not to go into too much detail but finding simple things like soap, or even some basic food items is hard these days in Venezuela. The Navy is going to provide some of these items to the team.

I wanted to express again that the Navy is the one that has put a hold on the departure date, and we are at the mercy of their permit and transportation to the Island. As you can imagine, putting this together in a short time has been a challenge, but the Navy has assured the team that this operation will take place.

The money that has been received thanks to your kind donation is all accounted for. We have used a small amount of it to send key items such as Shirts, Banners, Antennas Analyzers and other key items to YV from the USA that are  needed for the operation.

I also will let you know, that we have been a good citizen of your kind donation. And again the team is very thankful for the support you have provided.

As soon as a set date is given, you will be the first to be notified by me. Please hang in there with us as we wait for the sail date.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me.

73, Steve Romagni, W4DTA, Pilot Station for YX0V

August 24 – The Amateur Radio Association of Venezuela, Sectional ” Santiago de Leon de Caracas ” regrets to inform the entire amateur radio community of Venezuela and the world, that the Bolivarian Armada of Venezuela has notified us that for reasons outside of the DXpedition team control the expedition to Aves Island to be held in commemoration of Navy Day 2016, by the end of this August and early September has been put on hold until further notice.

August 21 – Steve, W4DTA/YV5DTA (QSL manager) informs:

The team is working hard at the moment getting coax, cables, checking rigs, network connections, computers, etc.

* New Departure date: August 27 @ 8:00 AM local.

* One operator had to drop, but we got an alternate one, so the count still at 14.

* There is only one working power generator on YV0, so power blackouts are a norm. The team is now in the process of acquiring a portable generator to help during the blackout periods, as well as use a contingency in case there are power issues.

The team is getting great support from us here, and internationally. I have been flooded with folks asking what they can do. As you can imagine, I have been going non-stop but the folks back in Venezuela are as well.

One thing for sure the DX community has stepped up, and they have been amazing on helping this team out so that they can put up this rare DXCC on the air.

August 18 – New departure date set by the Navy: Saturday, Aug 27th from the port of La Guaira just outside Caracas.

August 17 – YX0V website up and running.

August 10 — An unexpected invitation from the Venezuelan Navy gave rise to a DXpedition to Aves Island — Isla de Aves — (YV0), currently number 17 on the Club Log DXCC Most Wanted List.

While trying to organize its annual IOTA DXpedition to Los Monjes Island (SA-015), members of the Asociación de Radioaficionados de Venezuela (ARV) and Grupo DX Caracas received the surprise Navy invite.

Aves Island was last activated on February 13, 2007, by YW0DX.

Plans call for an August 31 departure with “a restricted number of operators,” to including both experienced and new operators from the Navy. The exact dates of operation are dependent on the Navy. The group will be on the air for up to 10 days as YX0V, with the full support of the Navy. Despite the last-minute change of plans, a team has been chosen, as well as radios and antennas, and other logistics. The tiny Aves Island is situated west of the Leeward Islands. It’s only about 1200 feet long and some 150 feet wide.