For the past few months, I have been thinking about adding adverts to the DX World website, something I have always been against.

Firstly, let me explain there are some very good reasons behind doing this – and most importantly to me – there will be no personal profit gained. (I always asserted that to make money from this website would absolutely take the shine off updating and maintaining it).

However, by placing (non-flashy, neat) adverts on site allows the following to happen – and I hope you can appreciate why:

  • DX World has a large global readership which means potential for company sponsors to see their (new) business grow with every individual site visit. Potential sponsors would only be amateur radio related.
  • With revenue received from adverts, a DXpedition Fund would be set up – which in turn can be publicly viewed for transparency. In other words, you will be able to see the “ins and outs”.
  • This enables DX World to provide financial support to upcoming DXpeditions of choice, whether for further scientific research, humanitarian aid, educational purposes or simply because a particular DXCC entity or IOTA is difficult and costly to activate. A criteria outlining how large (or small) a grant available would also be made public.
  • Ultimately, with every $ received via adverts, that sum would then be re-directed to assist a teams efforts in putting an expedition on air.
  • Any cash residue remaining would also continue to keep the site running and maintained.

I write this post because I’d like your vital feedback on the advertising subject, either by leaving a constructive comment or privately email me at dxer59[at]

Thanks for your time and be assured DX will continue to provide free news.