Update: Propagation to South America has been excellent on all the bands we have concentrated so far.

We worked 4 x ZS stations on 20mb today around 0430z and will be looking for more African callers around this time in the next few days. We worked 1 x ZS on 15m at 0230z so the path is there!

The Oceania contest ends today, tomorrow – after we’ve caught up on some much-needed sleep, we will start on the WARC bands. The focus so far has been SSB, with CW starting tomorrow and RTTY in a day or two. Phil ZL3PAH is our digi specialist, he is arriving on Friday for the Oceania CW leg and will increase focus on RTTY.

The reliability and speed of the internet connection has been an issue. It appears not all logs are captured with real-time connection so we are batch up-loading once a day. If your QSO doesn’t appear 24 hours later, then we’d be happy to give you an insurance contact.

First Day of activity – Due to sudden illness, and upon medical advice, Phil ZL3PAH was unfortunately not able to travel with the rest of the team. This means we are down some
equipment and an operator, necessitating a re-think of how we will operate. The good news is that Phil will now join us on Friday 10th October in time for
the OCDX CW contest. For the SSB contest this weekend, we will run Multi-One, High Power (500W).

The internet connection is slow and intermittent, during last nights testing session on 40m (103 QSOs), only 88 were uploaded in realitme to ClubLog, too
high an error rate. We will cease uploading in realtime and upload once a day instead.

The team are in good spirits and will spend today erecting the remainder of the contest band antennas ready for 0800z this evening (our time). There will be
no DXpedition activity today until we get those antennas up.

Weather conditions are OK, a fairly constant trade wind, occasional rain and temperatures around 25 Degrees Celsius in the daytime.

Thanks for your continued support and understanding as we get the DXpedition under way.
The YJ0X team and support crew