NEWS UPDATE by IK5SRF – Giorgio YI9WS is almost at the end of his duty: he should likely leave in the first part of March. Seven months away from home and family, passing through some “bad patches”(trust me guys) and giving a new one to a lot of hams. Working with just a wire dipole he made a great job and I would like to thank him on behalf of the ham community. More than 100 countries are in the log and he will be proud to hold the DXCC award, thanking all of you.

So let me share you in advance the QSL you’re going to receive soon. Let me underline again a few points: please send your QSL to Giorgio’s address ONLY as per info. Don’t forget to send an adequate contribution to cover the postal costs. Do not send QSL to me (IK5SRF). I’m managing his log only. Please send to me all the enquirers about log and LoTW issues. We still have some days to give Giorgio our greetings.

73 and “have fun DXing” – IK5SRF


NOVEMBER 25, 2020 UPDATE by Paolo, IK5SRF – Log manager for YI9WS

I would like to give some updates on behalf of Giorgio, IU5HWS operating from Iraq. Giorgio is still active and the good news is he received his official license – finally – from local authorities. Look for him starting today November 25th as YI9WS. Let me underline few points:- all the previous QSOs made as YI9/IU5HWS will be confirmed via mail.  I’m working with Giorgio to apply for a YI9WS account on LoTW. So all QSOs made starting today will be confirmed this way also.  Remember, Giorgio is there on duty. Activity will be on regular basis but always in his spare time. Please follow what Giorgio asks for, especially when he try to call “outside EU”.  For special needs and skeds, stations outside EU can ask and send an e-mail to me, IK5SRF at my web page: we’re focused to help stations that needs YI.  Remember, he is working with a simple dipole and mainly on 15, 17, 20 and 40 meters band. No CW activity is planned so far. Thanks and have fun DXing.

OCTOBER 28, 2020 by Girogio, YI9WS

Finally, I just received news from the MoC. Until December I will have the call (issued) YI9/IU5HWS and now just waiting for the official license. Updates will follow.

Recording below by PA2LO

SEPTEMBER 10, 2020 – Giorgio got back in touch with DX-World to say that he is having a lot of success operating. Meanwhile, he wanted to point out that about 3-4 months ago he applied for a radio license but never received any word from the Iraqi MoC. He will continue using YI/IU5HWS and hopes soon his license application is approved to dispel rumours of “fake activation”. A QSL card (preview soon) is prepared. Giorgio will also send some pictures of his activity. 

JULY 1, 2020 – Giorgio IU5HWS informs DX-World that he will again be in Iraq (60km from Baghdad) during July 30 to November 30, 2020. He’s going there with the Italian Army Airborne Brigade. QRV on 40-20-10m. Giorgio will update his YI/IU5HWS page on with more details later.