Alert reader Gert, PA2LO recently got in touch:

Since a few days a new voice appeared from Baghdad, Iraq: Salam YI1SAL. According to a post by Ahmed YI1AKS on, Salam received his official license from the Iraqi Authority (CMC). Today, I had a QSO with Salam on 14MHz. For a new operator Salam was handling the pile-up very well! Salam sent me an e-mail with his working conditions including a photo. At this moment Salam has only a handmade dipole for 10 and 20 meter. Ahmed also mentions another new ham: YI3WHR, Wahhab who is operating from the city of Babel.

Mackay MSR-8050A HF Transceiver (foreground) which YI1SAL uses.

Mackay MSR-8050A HF Transceiver (foreground) which Salam YI1SAL uses to transmit.