Charles M0OXO informs DX-World that today he received the following information from Leo YC9MLL;

“I have bought travel tickets for Flores Island IOTA OC-151. I will be on air there most probably on January 21-22 and 24th, 2017. I will also be QRV in July 2017 again on the same days 21-22 & 24th.

I will be running 100W mostly on 21 MHz around the IOTA calling freq. or at any clear freq. near it. I will try to operate split for better results. I have also 14MHz segment in Indonesia so I may also try that band and 7MHz if I have a long bamboo pole available. It was not previously planned to be there but it is a great surprise to be allowed to be back.”

Charles adds that he is sending a 12m Spiderbeam pole to Leo so hopefully this will be better than his ‘bamboo pole’.