April 26 @ 06:00Z

Steve, W2FB reports that a group of operators from Papua Barat (West Papua) will depart Sorong in a few hours for Waigeo Island in Rajaampat Regency and activate this island for the first time for Nusantara Award, it counts for OC-239. (Previous operations from OC-239 had been from Batanta Island by YC9WZJ/P and Doom Island YB9WZJ/P and YB0MWM/9.)

Operators will be YB9WZJ, YB9WAN, YB9YFT. They will be active Saturday around 11:00Z until Monday around 05:00Z and then return to Sorong. They will sign homecall/P. YC9WIC will then continue operation on as time permit basis. He will be on the island until May 1, 2014.

The team will bring a fullsize 20M monoband yagi and vertical for other bands to maximize contacts for those looking for this IOTA.

QLS via home calls, but YB9WZJ/P ok via W2FB.