UPDATE – This is going to be the last update before the team leaves Ambon.

As of the time of this writing, the team is scheduled to leave anytime now, 02:45 UTC with a crew of 6 aboard the ship Cakalang 26. The destination is Pulau Bingkudu in the Penyu Islands Group. There is a lighthouse on this island. The distance is about 98 miles from Ambon and at the speed of 6-7 knots it will take 15 hours to reach the island.

Murphy is back, well, a slight delay. The ship machinist has an urgent family matter and will not be available until Monday April 27 morning. Imam is trying to see if the captain can convince him to return tonight so the ship can set sail at 0100 AM local time (1700 UTC) so that when they arrive on Lucipara Islands (16 hours later), there is some sunlight for the team to erect the tent and antenna. Otherwise the team may lose one night, it is going to be pitched dark there. They may wait until sunrise to get off the ship and set up. These islands are uninhabited. Safety comes first.

YB4IR and YB8RW will leave Ambon for Lucipara Islands at approximately 14Z April 26, 2015 along with the captain and a crew of 5. They have secured enough provisions for the duration. The trip will be rough through the Banda Sea. Let’s pray that the team arrives there safely and everyone can return to their family when the expedition is over.

Now go listen for them. Please listen and QRX if they call only a specific callsign or partial. Also QRX if they ask only for NA or AF or whatever continent they want to listen.

Thank you to those who have donated.We have raised so far a little over 700 USD and a couple of pledges. Keep them coming, I hope to deliver the good news to the team tomorrow.
Be sure to check Lucipara 2015 for updates.

Imam, YB4IR and Din, YB8RW will be active from Lucipara Island OC-274NEW during April 27 – May 1, 2015.

QRV on HF bands, CW/SSB.

QSL via OQRS, H/c.

In anticipation of Lucipara 2015 visit Lucipara 2015