NEWS UPDATEUnrest in Myanmar:

Although I’m working in Yangon right now – teacher at an international school – I left my rig in Bangkok for the moment. This is because the civil unrest (well, civil war actually) is ‘hotting up’, with many deaths every day. I don’t want to be found in a compromising position with my transceiver, (meaning that the military junta could claim anything, even if the rig is still in its box!). So I’ll bide my time until the country is more peaceful and the rule of law is clear.

AUGUST 16 – XZ2A has been permitted to use all bands (except 60m) for his upcoming Myanmar activity:

In a very interesting development, the Myanmar radio licensing office contacted me today and advised that they would issue a permit for me to operate on ALL HF amateur bands except 60m, and also allow 6m operation. Usually, unless you know very senior people in Myanmar, you are limited to 20 MHz and up – comment

AUGUST 11 by Simon XZ2A: 

Although some might suggest that voluntarily relocating to a civil war zone is perhaps not the wisest of moves, I am happy to announce that I will shortly be returning to Myanmar to take up full-time teaching employment again, and to engage in the educational charity work for orphanages that I did previously.

I have already been in touch with the relevant authorities, who have confirmed that I will be able to reapply for my XZ2A call-sign, and to import my new Icom 7300 rig. As before, I will only be allowed to operate from 20 MHz and up, and I hope to operate on 6m, since my 7300 rig covers this band.