Gerben, PG5M has announced that he will be operating from Macao as XX9TGM (call confirmed on arrival) between June 20-27, 2016.

It is difficult to find a suitable spot for operation from Macau and previous DXpeditions had quite some trouble as they were surrounded by mountains, except in southern direction and on top of that there could also be heavy local QRM. I have choosen for a different, but more expensive location; Grand Coloane Resort. This hotel should have better radiation to all directions but I still need to explore after arrival how to install the antennas. I will use a vertical wire with 1:4:9 balun and perhaps a vertical dipole with open feeder line (design DJ0IP). Radio will be Elecraft K3 with 100 Watts. Operation will be from 40-10 meters including WARC and CW only. Perhaps I may also try 80 meters.