[QRT END OF NOVEMBER] Following on from this news about licensing restrictions being imposed on Simon XWLP, here’s a fresh update:

More rules have been imposed on my XW licence renewal, which make it hard to justify to stay in Laos.  Together with the crash in the local economy due to no foreign tourists, it’s not difficult to make the decision to move again to a new location.  I’m leaving Laos around the end of November.

Despite the very long postal delays, I just received my 18m fibreglass pole from Spiderbeam, which of course I’ll take with me, along with my two 12m poles.  I’m currently checking online to rent a suitable property in my new location where I can erect both low and high band wire antennas, plus 6 metres and satellite bands.  (All of these bands are listed in the bandplan for that territory).

But where am I going?!  It’s a secret for now, other to say that for some, it might be a controversial destination.  But because of my interest in science education etc, it’s my #1 choice.  (No, it’s not P5).

NOVEMBER 17, 2020 – Simon, XW0LP updates DX-World to say that the Laos licensing department is not authorising 60m use. However, Simon’s previous ham licence only for 20m has now been extended to cover 160/80/40/30/17/15/12 and 10m bands – and he has already installed quarter wave verticals for each band (inverted L for top band).