NEWS UPDATE – Vasily informs he has written a story about XR0ZRC and it can be found here

MARCH 21 – Due to a very slow internet on the island only a part of log uploaded without some of the FT8 QSOs. On a current time log uploaded by March, 19 inclusive. There is a big local noise (S-9) on the low bands. RX is very difficult. The team is looking for another QTH for the low bands position. Some of the equipment that came from Chile to the island yesterday is still on the ship. Unloading is not possible due to storm. The team expects to get equipment today and start installing antennas for 80 and 160m.

MARCH 19 –

MARCH 18 –



MARCH 12 – First pictures direct from the island + Logs

MARCH 10 – After a delay, finally the first contingent of the team leave Santiago for JF island.

MARCH 2, 2019 – Only three days left before the start of the XR0ZRC DXpedition. The team is busy with final preparations, checking and packing the equipment.

A few days ago we received a new schedule for the ship, which created some logistical problems and air ticket changes. So please do not expect the low-bands and FT8 activity in a first 5-6 days, until the remaining part of equipment arrives. The good news is that we will be on the island for five days longer than planned.

Also there have been changes in the operator’s list. See our website for the latest updates and current expedition schedule. Many thanks to all Clubs and Foundations, as well as individuals who already supported us!

JANUARY 20 — The XR0ZRC team need are looking for 2 additional ops for their upcoming expedition to Robinson Crusoe island in March 2019. Any mode preferences. Expedition website. If interested to participate contact Vasily R7AL at

JANUARY 6, 2019 — Russian Robinson Club members Vasily R7AL, Vasily RA1ZZ, Vlad RK8A, Aleksei RL5F, Leo RW9JZ and Marco CE1TBN will conduct a DXpedition to Robinson Crusoe island, Juan Fernandez during March 11-27, 2019 as XR0ZRC. They will be active on all bands 160-10 meters. More info here