NA-221 UPDATE/CANCELLED — With regret we inform that the CONANP denied permission to be able to stay on the Island, and limited the stay on Lobos Island to hours that go from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Considering that the trip to the island is two to three hours according to the conditions of the sea. As you will understand, it is impossible to make an operation worthy of you, so we decided to cancel this operation.

MARCH 23, 2017 — This weekend, the XF2L team was scheduled to operate on Lobos Island, NA-221, however weather conditions are getting worse, predicting adverse conditions to navigation. For this reason the harbor master, has decided that on Friday, the day on which the outbound trip to the island is scheduled, the port is closed to the navigation of small boats. The provider of transportation services tells us that we would have problems even for the return to land. For this reason the operation scheduled this weekend 24 to 27 March 2017 is cancelled due to weather conditions. We hope that in May the weather conditions will allow us to visit isla de lobos as it is scheduled.

MARCH 20, 2017 – On March 24, 25 and 26, the XF2L team of XE1SPM Paty (YL), XE1AY Ismael, XE1SGW Andres and XE1SOV Ricardo will head to Isla de Lobos NA-221. They will operate on 80-6 meters. Also on satellite, possibly on 160 and 30m too.

Participation in WPX SSB with 2 stations, and other station running out of the contest (CW, digitals, satellite, SSB).

Sometime in May they will return to Isla de Lobos with the same team, working WPX CW contest, with one station and the other on SSB, digitals and satellite (outside contest).

DECEMBER 10, 2016 — In December 2016 and all of 2017, radio club Puebla DX and radio club AREPAC, will work from the XF2 zone in the Gulf of México and be active from the following islands group.

All operations will be during weekends and holidays. QSL via XE1SOV.