June 1 – July 15, 2018 will be a radio marathon dedicated to World Cup in Russia.

All countries, members of FIFA, are invited to participate in the radio marathon with the formation of special callsigns.

It is recommended that countries participating in the final stage of the competition use callsigns with the suffix **18FWC or ***FWC (ie, DJ18FWC, OA18FWC and etc.)

For all other countries, who are members of FIFA, it is recommended to use callsigns with the suffix **18FIFA or ***FIFA.

Several special callsigns from one country are possible.

From Russia there will be 32 special stations operational with prefix R18*** and a suffix in honor of the country participating in the final stage, for example R18ARG (Argentina), R18SWE (Sweden), etc. as well as 11 special callsigns from the cities where the matches will be held championship with callsign RC18** (RС18KA – Kaliningrad, RС18SO – Sochi
etc.) and two headquarters stations R18HQ, R18FWC.

Special callsigns from Russia will begin work on June 14 and finish 15 July.

All questions on coordination of actions should be directed to e-mail:

As of February 18, 2018, 53 countries have already confirmed their participation in the radio marathon.