The first day of a DXpedition can be challenging for the DX’ers, the DXpedition’s pilots, and the DXpedition operators. DX’ers are understandably anxious, thinking: “Will I be able to work this DXpedition? I think 12 meters should be open, why aren’t they operating there? I can hear them, but they’re working JA’s – why not me? The pile up is huge, I don’t think I’ll ever get through.”

Pilots in North America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia see their inboxes fill with emails expressing concern. They struggle to answer the many emails and may be saying, “Why did I volunteer for this?”

The DXpeditioners are still struggling to get everything running smoothly and they are typically dead tired. Unknowns invariably demand change and attention. They may have to QRT unexpectedly to re-route a power cable, install some ferrite cores, repair a shelter, or see where the smell of smoke is coming from.

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