NEWS UPDATE – Kenneth LA7GIA informs DX-World that he will be active from N’Djamena, Chad during October 9-21, 2018. Full info on his website

AUGUST 14 – Kenneth updates:

The QTH is secured, the first hotel disapproved my antenna farm, but the second one thought it was ok. Wow, fantastic take off!! VOACAP promises excellent propagation to NA, even west coast. I will also avoid the static season. I finished tuning my 80m toploaded vertical and also considering to expand my wire dipole on 40+30m to a 2 el wire beam.

We patiently await on the DXCC entity Kenneth next visits.

JUNE 21, 2018 — Kenneth, LA7GIA has announced the following on his webpage:

My next trip in a few months will be for 12 days operating – it’s already booked. I am in the planning process, selecting QTH, getting VISA and so on. More info later.

Previously, Kenneth has been as active as 7Q7GIA, D67GIA, 3C7A, TL8AO, TN5E, 6O6O.