My proposed “Top 25 Most Wanted” DXpedition is not going to happen. Sorry for getting anyone’s hopes up. Never trust anyone who claims to be “military” and also claims to have the authority to allow people to visit KHx land. Waste of my time, waste of my money, loss of credibility. I was lead astray by the promise of tinsel & shiny lights…..It’s now time to crawl under a rock here in Fiji until I start the T3ØCOW DXpedition. I have recently been issued 3D2KOW for a 2017 Fiji DXpedition.      

August 30 — Previously active as T2COWYJ0COW & 5W0COW, with T30COW and H44COW to follow, Tom, KC0W announces:

YJØCOW is QRT. I’m going to attempt activating a Top 25 Most Needed entity before starting the T3ØCOW DXpedition. It’s NOT Central Kiribati. (T31)…No promises. Wish me luck.

Top 25 Most Wanted here

Your guesses welcome.