Ric, DL2VFR updates readers on a journey to Iceland:

Today in the very early morning we arrived in Thorshavn/Faroe Islands for a short stop on the way to Iceland. We were able to be on air battery powered sitting in front of the OY6FRA building using a 10m wire on a fibre-glass mast. OY/DL2VFR in CW, OY/DL4BBH & OY/DL7UXG in SSB.

Sunny morning but temperature was 5 degrees only. Almost 200 contacts in the log. Then we had to close because of low battery and the ferry was about to go. Now we are already north of the Faroe Islands heading towards Seydisfjördur.

See you from Iceland hopefully tomorrow evening. We expect to activate TFFF-009 on Sept 16th and TFFF-006 on Sept 17th.