This is more than a serious issue now. DXpeditioning, as we know it, is in real danger of collapse. Operators are leaving the hobby in numbers simply because deliberate (D)QRM is plaguing every single DX station or DXpedition. Famous operators no longer go on DXpeditions such is the sad state of affairs that is encompassing us all on air.

Some will say the problem is also bad in NA/SA, or even JA, but in truth the main culprits are based all over Europe, and we know it.

There are many theories why DQRM exists – it would take quite some time to list them all – but one wonders why this “practice” exists in the first place? What does a person who intentionally causes QRM get out of it?

Well intended sources such as DX Code of Conduct or the DX University’s Guide for Dxers/DXpeditioners are published to try help the problem, but in truth, and a question to all: Do they really help? Can it be argued such mischief makers do actually read these publications, take on board what is written, then do the exact opposite all in the name of  “doing their bit for DQRM”?

There are other operators, also with well meaning intentions, who have written articles and published videos yet the problem is not going away. It’s growing. We’ve all left comments or remarks on various websites, world forums or blogs about DQRM, always looking for an answer. No doubt people will leave their thoughts here, but again it will be going over old ground, unless something constructive can come out of this posting?

Some folks believe naming and shaming is a good idea. Others state basic education in operating is needed. Did the removal of CW in gaining your ham ticket contribute to this problem? Probably not because the same amount of DQRM in SSB is equally as bad nowadays in CW. There are so many questions, yet few real answers.

What about going back to basics – let’s turn the DX clusters off, even on a 7-day trial period with all parties who run such software in agreement. It could conceivably reduce QRM by at least 50% but we will not know how fruitful this could be without trying. Possible?

On the other hand, older operators will recall the huge amount of QRM on 3Y5X way back in 1990, a time before DX clusters, smartphones, apps et al.

So, specifically, what to do about EU QRM ? Your comments are welcome, constructive the better.