By Frank F4AJQ, Team Leader E44CC


I would like to come back to the spirit that all expedition organizers must have. Very often we try to work on projects several months in advance, for example when coming back from Sierra Leone, we wanted to go to Comoros D68, but when we learned that our MDXC friends already had this idea, we left the project but mostly we did not decide to do D68 a few days or week before our MDXC friends.

We started our communication on Palestine at the meeting of Friedrichsafen (June 2019), then during several meetings in France and Europe and finally several months ago with our website, so in no case can we say that the amateur radio community do not know about E44CC. So to our astonishment when we learned yesterday that a team of four Russian ops of the Robinson Club leave for Palestine just 1 month before the F6KOP TEAM:

I personally find that this is unbecoming and really disrespectful to the community of people organizing expeditions. Indeed, when F6KOP prepares an expedition, we always try not to walk on a project of another team, we have contacts with several teams to avoid trampling their plans. That one team leaves in just 1 month before another, I find that is really incredible and shocked me deeply, moreover I absolutely received no mail from this team, to at least explain to me or to apologize. I received a lot of messages this morning from all over the place, finding that this is really amazing. Respect for the work of others is a minimum when you have Ham Spirit.

Thank you all, Frank Pouchin, F4AJQ

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