Yes, that’s right. The SouthWest Ohio DX Association have decided to trademark (â„¢) “DXpedition of the Year” and “DX Dinner“.

Next time you visit your local radio convention and talk about previous DXpeditions over some lunch be careful not to mention the above phrases; they are, in essence, SWODXA’s.

Not long after announcing the DX World DXpedition of the Year would be running for three weeks between Dec/Jan, I received an email attributed to a member of SWODXA informing “DXpedition of the Year” was (â„¢) and I should be careful when using it. I replied in kind…[click me!]  <- note the email address.

Simply, this trademark issue does not affect those outwith the USA.

Anyhow, to continue the theme, have a read of the following pages.




I’m sure there will be more blog posts written about this soon enough, but do members of SWODXA feel comfortable their donations / hard earned money is being used this way?

Before I sign off, let me say that it’s kind of ironic SWODXA list DX World as a reference, considering the global ‘DXpedition of the Year’ poll just finished here.

PS, I personally have been pilot station for “The DXpedition of the Yearâ„¢” in 2011 and 2012, receiving trophies for both. If, as is quite probable, K9W become the next DXpedition to win this award [at SWODXA], I sure do not want a third trophy with their name on it..unless a (common sense) rethink  is not too late?

Col, MM0NDX @ DX World