we-696x394Welcome to the brand new DX-World website. Hopefully you will like. Regular readers will know the previous site was quite simply becoming old. It was unresponsive on smart phones or tablets, and towards the end you probably saw there were issues with host/server. Glad to report that particular host has been discarded and DX-World is now running on a dedicated server with new trusted host.

The main idea is the same – to publish up to date DX news and snippets – and to continue being a free to read publication.

Those who like discussion will hopefully be keen to visit the new DX-World Forums. While the plan is to have the bulk of comments now appearing in the Forums, you may still leave comments on the main website. However, the Forums are now set up for you to explore and get involved. A simple registration is required then you can start to post topics on anything from IOTA, QSLs, LoTW, DXpeditions etc. Or you may prefer to post videos, audio recordings, upload QSL card scans. Really, the Forums are to be embraced and hopefully something good can come of them.

At this moment in time, Forum moderators/admins are sought on a volunteer basis. Interested to join the DX-World team?

As with all new websites, initial teething problems may occur. Happy to receive feedback and further ideas you have. DX-World is for you, the DX enthusiast.

While it’s not a remit to seek donations at every opportunity, the new DX-World website, coupled with the Forum, is expensive to run and maintain. If you would like to donate any amount, it would be most gratefully received. Thank you in advance.

So, there we have it. After a longer time than anticipated, the new DX-World is here. Thank you for continued support and following over the years.

73 Col MM0NDX