THANKS! To Daniele IV3IDP and Martin SM0DTK who have stepped up together with Paolo IK5SRF in providing DX audio clips. They will be used in the coming days. Have you a special DX recording you’d like to share?

It’s a certainty that very many DXers keep recordings of QSOs they have made. It might have been that special QSO with a rare station, or maybe you worked a new DXCC or IOTA before the pileup started. Perhaps you even “broke” the pileup and worked a DX station easily. 

We would love to hear from you if you are willing to provide:

  1. Short audio clip(s) of previous DXpeditions you either worked or heard.
  2. Does not matter how old the recording or DXpedition is. 
  3. It might be your favourite QSO.
  4. SWL recordings also very welcome. 

Be like Paolo, IK5SRF and share your recording(s) for others.

Credit always given. Thanks if you are able to help make this another popular feature. Drop an email to Col MM0NDX —– [email protected]