DX-World asks readers to send any audiofiles of VP8STI once operations begin. Please send (any format) to dxworldnews[at]gmail.com — Thanks!


1) By EI4GNB (15SSB) vp8sti-15m-180116-1600hrsGMT

2) By IZ5CML (15CW) VP8STI_15MCW

3) By IZ1KGK (15CW) VP8STI @ iz1kgk 15CW

4) By PA2LO (15SSB) VP8STI on 21MHz SSB

5) By ZL2IFB (15CW) VP8STI on 15 SP

6) By ZL2IFB (17CW) Wkg VP8STI on 17

7) By UA3FX (30CW) vp8sti_30

8) By IZ8DDL (40CW) VP8STI 40 CW 2016-01-19 055333

9) By VK2DX (20CW) test

10) By G1XOW (17SSB) vp8sti recording

11) By GM0EGI (15CW) VP8STI 15 cw wking GM0EGI

12) By N1BUG (160CW) vp8sti-160m-n1bug-0128z-20160121