[NEWS UPDATE] – Earlier today (local morning Pago Pago time) the W8S team were interviewd by radio host Joey Cummings of 93KHJ (South Seas Broadcasting Inc.) For those who missed the interview it will be available soon as a podcast (we’ll update this post when it’s available). DX-World was provided with two exclusive pictures of the team at the radio station.

[OCTOBER 3 @ 2300Z] – Due to adverse weather, the Government operated vessel Manu’atela, which will bring the W8S Team to Swains, is delayed by 24 hrs. The Manu’atela will supply the island of Manu’a today and return for loading the items of the W8S team tomorrow on American Samoa, weather permitting. The team will continue their preparations and hope to depart the day after tomorrow (04 October 2023) for Swains, delaying the start date of the activation by 1 day to the 5th of October 2023.

[OCTOBER 2 @ 2100Z] – Here we have team W8S adding their signatures to the DX Engineering banner that team KH8RRC took with them to American Samoa earlier this year, and also signed.

Meanwhile, the team’s been busy with final preparations and some sight-seeing. The journey to Swains begins soon…Click on the pictures below to visit the official W8S website.

[OCTOBER 2 @ 0700Z] – The Swains team pictured with local radio host Joey Cummings. A reminder the team will arrive at Swains on October 4 (local). 

[SEPTEMBER 30] – Click on the pictures below to read about the “To Do” list and the tasks at hand. 

[SEPTEMBER 29] – After all arriving safely and meeting in KH6, the team spent the day sight-seeing before catching the overnight flight to Pago Pago. By 1000z on September 29th the team had arrived KH8. Some pictures with captions courtesy of the W8S team.

On the scene – Honolulu (credit PA4WM)

Obligatory team photo (KO8SCA presumably taking the picture)

Next stop for this luggage is KH8

KH6 to KH8

Flight route

Arrived Pago Pago, KH8 – all luggage arrived safely too. 

A late night meal for all the team.

Team meeting ahead of going to Swains on October 4th

[SEPTEMBER 28] – The first group (KO8SCA, PA5X, NG7M) arrived in Hawai. The rest of the team will join them soon.

[SEPTEMBER 27 @ 1000Z] – The team are on their way to Hawaii. The day after they will fly to Pago Pago (KH8), where they will stay for a few days before boarding the ship that will take them to Swains Island. In Pago Pago they will buy the last supplies, do the final check of all the equipment, configure the laptops and radios and – if they have time – work for a few hours under KH8/their own callsign.

On October 4th the team will reach Swains Island and they will spend the remaining daylight building as much as possible antennas in both camps. They hope to have the first signals out that same night under the callsign W8S. All is depending on the circumstances during the landing and on the island.