UPDATE – VU7MS QSL preview:

Note: All log check requests received to date are addressed. Logs are uploaded to LoTW. Direct QSL requests will be sent by Jan 2017. Buro cards will be sent by Feb-Mar 2017.

DECEMBER 2, 2016 — VU7MS went QRT at 23:40 UTC on 01 Dec 2016. We had to dismantle the station and antennas and catch the vessel in an hour and half! We logged 3333 QSOs during our operation of 42.4 hours. We worked on 40/20/17 & 15m bands. Maximum QSOs were on 40m band.

We caught the inter-island vessel today morning at 0700 LT ( 01:30 UTC) and reached Agatti Island ( where airport is situated). The lone flight which connects the Island with mainland carried us back to Bangalore vis Kochi. We landed in Bangalore at 15:30 LT ( 10:00 UTC)

The final log is uploaded to Clublog and I have started getting many log check requests. Please give me some time for all log check requests to come and then will start the QSL process.

I would like to apologise for delay in replying to all emails which were sent to us when we were on island. The internet connection was virtually non-existent and we had no choice but to operate to a plan after discussion with our VU friends on mainland.

I would like to thank the whole dx community for the wholehearted support and cooperation. For a two man, limited logitics operation, we are happy with the response we got from the whole community. Please contact me on email if you have any queries/ suggestions.

November 27 — VU2CPL Manoj and VU3NXI Siddhu will be QRV as VU7MS from Kavaratti Island, Lakshadweep from 29 Nov 2016 till 02 Dec 2016.

Operations will be holiday style on 40/20/17/15 m bands on CW & SSB. They will try and be QRV near IOTA frequencies as much as possible and will be operating split always. Only one station will be QRV at a time due to limitations in logistics (only a small aircraft operates to the island and baggage allowance is only 15kg per person.)

They will upload the whole log to Club Log and LoTW once back on mainland. If you need a paper QSL, please use OQRS. Direct requests may be sent to VU2CPL with sufficient postage (3GS) and SAE. Please don’t send IRCs. Any request without postage and SAE will be sent through buro. They will not be using eQSL/QRZ log books.