UPDATE from Krish W4VKU @ VU7KV


I hope you all had fun. I am here at Kochi airport on my way home. Just tired. I felt sick and had to go to the local hospital. I think it was the first night stay in a house without A/C and it was hot and humid. The coughing came in the way of working the bands. Feel a bit better now, but tired. Had been a long time since I have had enough sleep right from starting the 8Q7 operation on Apr 23rd. It has been like about 2 hours of sleep at most.

I apologize for missing a nice 12m opening to NA LP yesterday. The locals just barge into the room or ring the door bell. I had to meet and talk to them, and the amount of time is unpredictable. They were all very helpful and I did not want to come off as not paying attention to their presence. Hence had to take the breaks.

The pileups were crazy. No one listens these days. Everyone in EU is after band-fill. I tell them I am looking to ATNO callers, but still the strong band-fill callers parade. A solo operation ain’t gonna put a dent on world demand, but it could potentially put the
deserving ones a bit closer.

Since the amount of time left was short after spending it all in 8Q7, I decided to hustle and make the VU7 trip. Even 3 days on the air is something rather than nothing. Heck, I wish someone with QRO will activate it, since even I need VU7 for an ATNO.

I have several emails about log check/corrections for both 8Q and VU7. I will tend to them after I have had a good nights sleep.

Btw, the vertical when placed right inside the water kicks butt. When placed say 20ft inland from the waterline, the effect was not as good as right in the water. The Hex did well too.

QSL via W4VKU.