NEWS UPDATE — John, VU4G/G4IRN updates DX-World readers:

“Crocodiles and falling coconuts are the main dangers here. Must not walk under trees or go near the sea. Deaths are apparently a regular occurrence; the last death was in November when a crocodile managed to get into the safe swimming area. The swimming area is closed now!”

“Had some nice openings to NA long path at my sunrise and will keep working on them. NA path very difficult from here, I’m on the wrong side of the island.”

Picture shows my home made multi-band ground plane hanging from a 60ft tree on a rope and pulley. I use jumpers to change band. There are two elevated radials, also with jumpers. One of the local guys climbed the tree for me!”

*Propagation prediction charts for VU4G available here.

FEBRUARY 23, 2018 — Over the past year, I have successfully applied for an Indian tourist visa and with the help of Indian friends have obtained an Indian license – VU3VXO. Since then, after several bureaucratic hurdles permission has been obtained to operate from the Sea Princess Resort in Lower Andaman Island as VU4G from 23rd February to 5th March.

The operating QTH is by the sea with clear take off to Europe, Africa, South America and long path USA. The intention is to mount vertical and wire antennas as close to the waters’s edge as possible. For the IOTA seekers, it is in the Andaman Islands IOTA AS-001 group.

Though my main focus will be on CW, I may spend time on other modes too. Expect most activity to be on 40m-17m but I may sling up other HF or LF antennas if the mood takes me. Sorry, there will be no 60m.

I am not expecting to have an internet connection at the operating position, however I will upload to ClubLog during the operation if I can find connectivity.

I will be travelling from London to Bangalore on Wednesday 21st February and hope to be QRV for a while on the 22nd with my Indian call, VU3VXO; possibly on the return leg too.

QSL is via my home call, G4IRN. OQRS will be on Clublog and LotW will be uploaded after return to the UK.


Call-Sign: VU4G

Operating Dates: 23 February to 5th March 2018

QTH: Sea Princess Resort, Andaman Islands.


QSL: Via G4IRN (OQRS via Clublog. LoTW upload on return home).

73, John G4IRN, VU3VXO