“I have about a two hour window to get ashore and operate and am heading for the base now,  at 1716z. All being well I will be QRV from about 1745, will probably start on 15m if the antenna loads, if not then on 17m. I won’t be taking my keyer as too fiddly for a short session so it will be SSB only”.

DX-World is always interested to hear any recordings from such rare DXCC entities. Please send any files to [email protected]

November 6, 2014 – Mike, VP8CMH/MM is QRV again on passage to Punta Arenas. Thereafter, he will visit and a chance to be active as VP8SGK from King Edward Point, South Georgia between November 27-29.


For general interest, previous activity published on DX-World is shown below.

January 26, 2013 – VP8SGK will not now be active during this visit to King Edward Point. This is due to the limited time that the ship is alongside.

Ship webcam when at King Edward Point, South Georgia.

November 20, 2012VP8SGK was QRV from South Georgia at 17:35z, working 10, 17 and 20m SSB. He went QRT at 18:55z.

November 5, 2012 – The following is the latest information on the proposed operation from South Georgia by Mike, VP8SGK.

The JCR is now at King Edward Point, South Georgia, but is at anchor, which makes getting ashore more difficult. I will try to get to the base for 16/17Z. If the ship does arrive at 12z then I am likely to have work to carry out for most of the morning and  part of the afternoon.  I do have to visit the base to look over the radio equipment  and once I have done this I would hope to be able to operate as VP8SGK. I anticipate this to be after 17 or 18z. [more]

*South Georgia is #11 on Club Log most wanted list.

**Note: Previous VP8SGK activity from April 2012, with audio clip, can be found here.