February 18 – By team member Axel, DL6KVA/VP8KVA

160/80m worked quiet well last night although conditions to Europe were a struggle. Plans are to keep running 160/80m from the hill position for the next two nights – and we’ll try to get there earlier around 2200UTC. Jun, VP8RHF and Arliss, VP8DXU were QRV too from other locations. The 30m spots for 15th February probably resulted from a pirate activity.

Aerial_photo_Port_Stanley_edit February 17 – by DL6KVA

I plan to be back at the hill location next night and work on 80m mainly again with the VP8IDX callsign while David, K3LP / VP8DRC will probably be on 160m again … we keep trying to fight with the high noise level.

February 15 [2] —  Co-leader K3LP updates.

A busy morning today here in the Falkland Islands. We have installed a 160 meter full length 1/4 vertical on a 90′ tower with 5 elevated radials about 1 hour outside of town. The noise is “Very” low at this location. Arliss (W7XU) and I  will return to the site at 5:00 PM to make final 160m/80m adjustments inside the cell tower shack. It looks like we’ll have high speed internet as well. Axel (DL6KVA), Jay (K4ZLW) and Jun (JH4RHF) will focus on 40 and other bands this evening from this site as well. We’ll start with Arliss (W7XU) on 160m this evening. He deserves it and has been a great team player.

February 15 — Co-leader K3LP informs that the VP8 team was able to locate a great hill top location on Sunday offered by Mario (VP8ALJ) and they plan to have two stations dedicated to 160 meters plus 80/40 meters with low noise about 1 mile outside of town in the Falkland Islands. They’ll be using the VP8IDX call sign. In addition, they’ll have a third station at the hotel with a tri-band vertical and vertical for 30 meters. Each station will have a 1K amp. The VP8IDX/MM logs have been uploaded to Club Log. OQRS has been turned on as well. February 13 — Co-leader K3LP has been active as VP8DRC since arriving the Falklands. In conversation he mentioned they will put up the 80 & 160m antennas later, then QRV as VP8IDX. February 12 — Thanks to VP8NO for the following info:

In bright sunshine and flat calm seas the Braveheart passed through the “Narrows”, the entry into Stanley Harbour, at 14:50 UTC today. They will be uploading final logs to Club Log and some pictures for their website later after the vessel has been cleared by customs. Beards much in evidence!

image February 11 — Bill, AA7XT just spoke to co-leader David K3LP via sat phone and provides the following:

Weather on South Georgia was terrible with winds up to 100 mph near the end. Currently (22:30z) about a day out of Stanley (Falklands) and will operate for a week as VP8IDX with simple antennas, but aren’t planning on unloading and setting up all the DXpedition antennas and equipment used on S. Sandwich and S. Georgia. Close to 60k QSOs from S. Sandwich and 80k QSOs from S. Georgia. Big numbers from anywhere and especially considering the remote locations and severe WX.