Dave, VP8CLE (G1OCN) has published the following info:

Advanced Notice of VPFF activations from mid May to mid June 2022.

A recent activation of VPFF-8112, East Bay, FD98XB by Bobby VP8ADR/P proved very successful.

Further activations are planned of the following:

  • VPFF-8135 Volunteer and Cow Bay
  • VPFF-8130 Stanley Common and Cape Pembroke Peninsula including Cape Pembroke Lighthouse
  • VPFF-8132 The Narrows
  • VPFF-8105 Bertha’s Beach
  • VPFF-8121 Moss Side
  • VPFF-8108 Cape Dolphin

The above is in no particular order and as much advance notice as possible will be given with dates/times and the VPFF/M/P information.

Whilst in transit and just for fun, I propose to give out the Falkland Island areas.
We are calling it FIG = Falkland Island Grids

A small award will be available around July, once the QSOs have been calculated, for the top 3 stations who have worked the most grids

As previously mentioned, the WX is the deciding factor for all mobile and portable working and access may not be possible to some of the planned VPFF locations.