NEWS UPDATE – High noise level at Halley base QTH on 40m means Seba will not be using this band in future. Only 20m SSB & FT8 from now on. Also confirmation that recent activity on 14074 was indeed VP8/SQ1SGB using this mode. 


DECEMBER 7 – Seba, SQ1SGB arrived Halley VI-a base a few days ago. (75° 35′ 00″ S, 26° 34′ 00″ W – Loc: HB64RK). His radio activity from this particular base started today (40m SSB @ 2145z).

*Halley Research Station is a research facility on the Brunt Ice Shelf operated by the British Antarctic Survey (tnx F8DVD).

**Picture below was sent by Seba to Marco, PJ7MF and we share below (tnx PJ7MF).

NOVEMBER 22 – Further to the info below, and courtesy I1HYW, here’s couple of pics showing Sebastian and Oleg together at the ZS7ANF tent/shack. Sebastian was again QRV on 20m SSB today as VP8/SQ1SGB

[NOVEMBER 21] Sebastian SQ1SGB today managed to meet Oleg ZS7ANF at Wolf’s Fang Runway. He operated at Oleg’s station for a short time as VP8/SQ1SGB/p on 20m SSB and made a few QSOs but conditions were not good his side. He will try again tomorrow (check 14165). QSL via EB7DX. Keep an eye on Sebastian’s QRZ page for future operating updates. [tnx I1HYW]