NEWS UPDATE provided by Gianni, I1HYW:

Sebastian VP8/SQ1SGB is packing his radio gear and will be ready to fly out on Wednesday.  He will fly to Wolf’s Fang Runway and then to Cape Town. For sure, Oleg ZS7ANF and Sebastian SQ1SGB will meet at Wolf’s Fang Runway.

DECEMBER 13 – A Formal Complaint to the Falklands Islands Communications Regulator regarding VP8/SQ1SGB’s amateur radio operation in Antarctica has been made. Read here for the info. 

OCTOBER 11, 2021 – Seba, SQ1SGB will again be active from Halley VI(a) Base, Antarctica as VP8/SQ1SGB starting November 18, 2021 and staying until January 31, 2022. During his stay, building of a rhobmic antenna (primarily for aircraft comms on 40m) is planned. This was also allow Seba to transmit on that band when time permits. Check 7190. QSL via EB7DX.