Info by Alan, VK6CQ/VK0LD 

Britain’s desire to maintain its claim over its slice of the Antarctic plus the South Shetlands, South Orkneys, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands is fast waning, it would seem.

All existing VP8 “lifetime” amateur radio licensees for these regions have recently been abruptly cancelled by the body responsible for issuing them (the Falkland Islands Government) and there are no longer provisions in place to issue new licenses for these regions as the VP8 prefix apparently now only applies to the Falkland Islands.

Therefore, anyone planning a future DXpedition to any of these five entities will now have to get a license from either Buenos Aires or Santiago instead. The reasoning behind this astonishing action remains unclear. The last known licensed operation was VP8PJ from the South Orkneys earlier this year.

Meanwhile, in the Falklands themselves, all “lifetime” licenses held by overseas amateurs have also been cancelled in the same manner and such licenses are now reserved exclusively for permanent residents. Visiting amateurs to the Falklands will now only be issued a temporary licence for the duration of their visit. Note that the Falklands do not participate in CEPT and operating as VP8/Homecall is not legal there.

Anyone wishing to protest this action or make representations can contact:

The Communications Regulator
Attorney General’s Chambers
Falkland Islands FIQQ 1ZZ
South Atlantic

Tel: + 500 28459

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