anguilla-charters-2JA1ELY (Toshi), JH1NBN (Yuki), and JR4OZR (Hal) will be active from Anguilla as VP2ELY from November 13 to 18, and St. Maarten (PJ7–) from November 19 to 25. (The callsign at PJ7 land will be announced later.)

Toshi is know as one of the founders of the JIDX contest, Yuki is known as an SSB expert in past many big DXpedtions and Hal is know as an RTTY expert.

They will be QRV on 80m – 10m, CW, SSB and RTTY using two stations running 500 watts. They are willing to participate in the Japan International DX SSB Contest which will be held on November 14-15.

Logs uploaded to ClubLog daily. LoTW will be uploaded on arrival back to Japan.
Image 2
Picure 1: JH1NBN (left), JA1ELY (centre), and JR4OZR (right)
Picture 2:JA1ELY (left) and JR4OZR (right)
QSL via JA1ELY, DIRECT only (No bureau): Toshikazu KUSANO, P.O.Box 8, Kamata, Tokyo 144-8691, JAPAN.