The dates for VK9 Willis are locked in. November 3rd to 13th 2021. MV Alfred Wallace departing Cairns Australia.

Operators to date (5 ops so far) VK2IR, VK3YP, VK2RF, VK2OK, VK2PN. Additional operators TBA.

Due to time constraints (operators away too long from their jobs etc) Mellish Reef will be on the radar for activation in 2022.

We are working with the license regulator (Australian Maritime College) for VK9W callsign (2 x 1) to be issued for this event. If we are unable to secure VK9W we will revert to VK9HR.

Antennas will be a full set of 20m to 10m VDA’s, 30m vertical full size, 40m vertical full size, 160/80m Inverted L. Below is the 12m VDA being tested Botany Bay, Sydney (thanks VK3YP)