UPDATE – The team arrived last Friday (20th) and have set up operating stations and antennas.

Only using two 80m dipoles at about 20m above ground strung between the large tall Norfolk Pine trees. The RTTY station has a 20m 1/4 wave ground plane with elevated radials. Tomorrow we will be putting up a 40/15m radiator with it too. Tomorrow we plane to put up the160m inverted L.

Keep an ear out for us, check the dxclusters for our operation activities.

January 19, 2016 – A team of five Australian radio amateurs will activate Norfolk Island in May 2016 to coincide with the Wireless Institute of Australia’s 2016 Annual General Meeting and conference, also being held on Norfolk Island.

Chris VK3QB, Brenton VK3YB, Luke VK3HJ, Lee VK3GK and Allan VK2CA will activate VK9NT from 20th May to 31st May 2016 on all bands from 160m to 10m, CW, SSB & RTTY. Equipment will comprise two Kenwood TS-480HX transceivers and one Elecraft KX-3 transceiver with a KPA100 amplifier. These will feed dipoles strung up about 25-30 metres high between the majestic Norfolk Island Pines, and a Sloper antenna for 160m. The team will also be activating stations for the SOTA and WWFF awards programs.

More info here and here