[By ZL1MTO / VK9MTO] I am now back in New Zealand and this is a brief summary of my trip to Norfolk Island.

Arrived on 29/12/2022 at the beginning of a storm with heavy winds but at least no rain.  On 30/12 I had to change accommodation since it was not suitable for me. The new place was not exactly suitable for radio communication though.

The storm got worse on 31/12 with even stronger winds and heavy rain.  It was impossible to assemble any portable antenna outside.  On 01/01/2023 the weather was the same as the day before, i.e., not practical / safe to operate the radio or even step outside the hotel room.

Things got better on Monday, 02/01 and finally could go out to do some sightseeing.  I only could operate the radio on the 04/01 and 05/01,with my Chameleon portable antenna assembled on the garden behind my room and FT8  (only managed 20m and 10m).  Total contacts = 83 with 12 DXCC.

It’s disappointing however this is what I could do under the circumstances I was in.  I will upload the QSL data to QRZ, LOTW and Club Log and of course paper QSL’s are available on request.