Doug, VK3YQS / VK9LF has been living on Lord Howe island for over a year having visited the island on/off for several years. He explains below:

Licensed since 1974, I currently reside on Lord Howe island and I have been coming to and from the Island since 1989, I was employed a Weather Observer by the Australian Goverment and was posted to Lord Howe at various times over a 28 year period before retirement in 2016 and have had the good fortune to have secured a permanent residence on the island.

Previous callsigns held are VK3YQS, my original call, VK6TEN, VK9ZLH, VK0YQS and VK0DS, used mainly whenever the Weather Service posted me to remote locations throughout Australia and its territories.

My current equipment is a Yaesu FT840 feeding into half wave end fed wires tuned to 30 17 12 and 10m via a 49:1 Unun placed on an aluminium pole at 9m and sloping away to a suitable palm tree tie off point. My primary listening frequencies are 18.140 and 24.950

*Header picture by Doug