UPDATE by Steve, VK6SJ/VK4:

I completed my week on Coconut and Thursday Islands between the 3rd and 9th May. I did use a few different versions of callsign during the operation for one reason or another (VK6SJ/VK4 and VK4/VK6SJ as well as just VK6SJ). What will be going in the logs will be VK6SJ/4 so please amend your log entry accordingly. I made just over 400 contacts and I am in the process of getting the logs validated with IOTA. Any contacts made with my callsign between the 3rd and 9th May will be from OC-138.  Grid locations for this trip were QH19mw on Coconut  Island and QH19ck for Thursday Island.

APRIL 15 – Prior to his VK9XX activity, Steve VK6SJ informs DX-World that he will be active from IOTA group OC-138 (Yam, Coconut and Thursday islands) during April 27 to May 4, 2021

This will be an operation working around my work load in the region. Radio will be an FT-857D barefoot and simple wire antennas. Mode will be mainly FT8. I will be submitting proof to IOTA for the operation so it should be valid. I’ll only be doing electronic confirmations as I expect the contact count will be quite low and not worth printing a batch of cards for. If I make lots of contacts, I might revisit that. Operations will be from Yam, Coconut and Thursday islands.