UPDATE by VK6BP/P on Koolan Island:

I am here roughly 2 days a week Mon-Thur and do an overnight stay. I have just been given a room higher up the hill with bigger trees to hang antennas off.  I have 240 volts aircon telly and a fridge! I am looking at making a better antenna on the weekend for next week. I will have 40 mtrs as well to as I want to talk back home.

When I bring people here on the first day usually will be able to be set up by 0300 utc and then the radio stays on till late. I then fly out at 2300utc but back by lunchtime and then can be on for a couple of hours before I go back to Broome with pax. Sometimes the aircraft has HF radio with a dial hence Aero mobile.

Looking at a better radio as well as the IC7000 is good but gets a bit noisy with the 400 aircons here!



Info courtesy Steve, VK3MEG {edited}

Received an email from Chris VK6BP. He will be activating Koolan Island OC-071 on Monday, 21st September. Initially a single day activation with hopefully more to come.

Chris flies to the island quite often but it’s difficult to get time for radio operations. Last known activation of this particular island was in 1993.

QRV on 20m SSB only.