If you tried to contact me but with no success – you may still keep a hope for a while. If the weather will let me – I will try again next Saturday or Sunday. Participation in IOTA Contest would be pointless as today’s activity demonstrated. My signal was very weak with such setup, especially during daytime. But in general – it was sad event.

7 hours, 150 approximately QSO – not important (for me, but for someone who has got a new island – completely different:-)) Tomorrow I will upload the log to Clublog and IOTA Committee. As already written – there will be no cards. Well, if anyone needs it badly – my usual card with a sticker.

However I didn’t expect anything else, GP 20/15, “radials” – copper wire into the water.100 watts, battery powered. No tent, no shelter, no
normal table/chair. The toilet is far away. Ward tea – in a thermos brought by me. Temp was + 12, windy with drizzle. I was lucky at least the rain did not happen. That’s it for now, folks

Andy VK5MAV.