NEWS UPDATE – Part 1 & 2 of the VK5MAV/9 story can be found here

FEBRUARY 22 — Permit to stay Cato Reef arrived + expedition website

FEBRUARY 8, 2018 — Dates of the expedition have been confirmed today. It will happen from 9th till 18th of April 2018 (of course, if the boat will be OK/no cyclones/the Moon is in proper position/I didn’t eat any poison, etc.).

The trip will happen on Big Cat Reality boat, the only company operating at Cato Reef. I’m planning to fly from Adelaide, South Australia to Bundaberg, Queensland (with stopover at Brisbane for few hours) on 8th of April, stay there overnight and go to Coral Sea on afternoon, 9th of April. Arrival to the Reef should happen on early morning, 11th of April. I’ll be dropped off there to stay alone till around dinner time on 16th of April, when I hope to be picked up on the way back to Bundaberg.

I would like to pass my great appreciation to everyone donated for the expedition to OC-265 Cato Reef already. It’s not simple to get to such remote and uninhabited islands. Hope to be supported by others who is not indifferent to adventure, especially IOTA ones.

With great respect and hope to make QSO with all of you –

Andy VK5MAV, VK5MAV/9 in nearest future.