Since both VI100AF & VK100AF hit the airways on 1st March 2021, 18 of the 46 operators have now used the VI100AF callsign for a total of 4661 QSO’s. 12 of the 46 operators have used the VK100AF callsign for a total of 3612 QSO’s.

The bands have not been the best, but the operators are working hard to ensure that they are active as much as possible during their allocated period with the specified callsign. Log books are uploaded to OQRS & LoTW the day after each operators allocated time, so please if you see a “Not in Log”, try again in a few days’ time. In the meantime work the station again if you’re not 100% sure of the QSO.

The QSL Card is now being finalised with the designer and will be at the printers very soon, we expect to be sending the card out in late April.

73, Stuie VK8NSB
Station Manager VI100AF & VK100AF